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The fossil record is used by naturalists as supposed evidence of evolution. However, the fossils challenge these concepts because most of the expected evidence anticipated by the theory is missing.

  1. Sudden appearance of life (nothing then everything)
  2. Stasis in fossil types (remain unchanged through many layers)
  3. Extinction of species (no ‘new’ kinds)
  4. No ancestral relationships between fossil types (missing links are all missing)
  5. Many varieties of fossils found throughout many geologic columns
  6. Most all fossils are marine (evidence of flooding)
  7. Fossils are preserved in catastrophic deposits of the sediments which cross the oceans and the continents
  8. Fossil remains indicate a violent and sudden death (not slow processes)
  9. Ecosystems preserved are vastly incomplete and mixed with other ecosystems in the same layering (fossils are a mixed graveyard of organisms)
  10. Fossils found most always on land and not from the oceanic floors.
Cambrian Explosion is used to answer why the sudden appearance of life without precursor forms.
Trilobites found in many layers of ‘time’