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Five days to petrified wood! As it turns out petrified wood does not take millions, thousands, hundreds, or even a single year to form. Scientists have determined that under the right conditions wood can petrify in mere days.

Petrified logs in Arizona– notice the remnants of massive erosion in the background.

Laboratory Petrified Wood in five days! Rapid Petrification was apparently not completely understood and thought to take tens of thousands of years at a minimum. However, now that researchers have identified steps and processes in making manmade petrified wood it is clear the process doesn’t even take one week—they have accomplished this process in mere days. These same conditions were potentially present for the formation of the silica deposition of petrified wood at Yellowstone National Park. Scientists have concluded that petrification does in fact occur rapidly by silicification under the right chemical conditions.

Recipe for Petrified wood from the lab of Northwest National: Cut wood into cubic one-inch segments, Soak wood in hydrochloric acid for two days, Soak wood for two more days in silica solution. Air Dry wood (for a day or so). When dry bake in furnace at 1400 degrees Celsius for two hours. Cool– then enjoy your petrified wood!

Petrified wood in Arizona