Everyone who loves science, as we do, truly despises the idea that politics might influence conclusions in any manner. True lovers of science want the evidence to point toward truthful conclusions. This reality has likely always been true since humankind did the first scientific writings.

However, we can no longer ignore the new reality regarding “science.” It has been hijacked.

Science has been hijacked. Sure, we cannot separate our worldviews from our beliefs about reality, including politics and religion (or non-religion). Conclusions (theories) have always been based on worldviews. However, since the invasion of Covid-19, the unraveling of American politics has come into focus. Clear distinctions that perhaps once worked to protect science as an independent and non-biased institution fell. “Science” today is only communicated within acceptable talking points of politics and naturalists (largely “the left”).

Time and time again, any data point that can be concluded based on data points within science must adhere to both naturalism and political talking points. While true lovers of science groan in agony, the madness marches forward. While many sound scientists have worked hard to keep politics outside scientific debates, most have never done this. The draw of funding, book deals, and notoriety have made this pursuit impossible for any scientist seeking the field as a career. Defy the narratives of naturalism or leftist politics and prepare to be canceled.

The propaganda of the left and naturalism has literally infected every institution of mankind, from science to religion.

Science is based on faith. Both religion and science give us knowledge of the unseen world. All knowledge of the unseen world must be based on faith. So science is a religion.”

Is Science a Religion? Psychology Today, Oct, 2017 Reviewed by Ekua Hagan. Bold is mine.

Consider any data point that illuminates problems for naturalism are called “creationist talking points.” These could be any data point: carbon-14 in dinosaur fossils, climate data, crime data, etc. Data is rejected–propaganda is expected. Such conclusions that do not march to the drum beat of the left are quickly discredited, called narrow-minded, ignorant, or perhaps the person is a flat earther. Any data that discredit the left talking points are called anti-science, misinformation, science-denying, and ignorantly Christian.

This slide is from the perspective of the left or naturalist. Data points that are talking points fall in the green on the chart. Any data point outside leftist beliefs (of any kind) falls into the blue side of the chart. One can insert any data point regarding how “science” has been hijacked.

Materialism, the driving force behind mainstream science, has been shown again and again to lack the capacity to explain the world around us…despite this, we remain collectively bedazzled by materialism, a religion that has induced a certain faith in us.”

How Mainstream Science Became a Religion | Wake Up World (wakeup-world.com) Bold is mine.

Looking back on history, especially related to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, it is clear that our government lied to us–and likely has always lied to us. The government has conducted countless experiments on the public and maintained secrets that might have saved countless lives or worse. In the recent past, there was a belief that we, the people, might rely upon scientists to have our backs and to provide us with an unbiased truth. Sadly, that day has passed. Today the pursuits of power, money, book deals, fame, and filthy politics have corrupted the entire field of “science.” Therefore, we live today in perhaps the most dangerous times ever.