Answers to Atheists


Labs are particularly useful for experiments which seek to isolate variables and thereby gain detailed insights. However, we must be cautious of any conclusions drawn by such tests because they are drawn only based on the best possible scenarios free of other uncontrolled variables such as those encountered in real life.

“At most, lab work gives a very best case scenario, evolutionary prospects cannot get any better but can certainly get much worse…because the work examines difficulties of only a few steps of much larger pathways where many unanticipated obstacles might be lurking. “  

Behe, Michael Darwin Devolves p.212

The lab is a vitally important place for research primarily because the many variables associated with nature can be eliminated, thereby allowing scientists to discover breakthroughs in specific areas. Such results are powerful especially for medicine. However, when using such lab results to draw conclusions about dynamically complex systems such as the living cell, the emergence of life, the emergence of the universe, or the diversity of all living species on earth cannot work effectively. Always remain skeptical of such lab results “proving” this or that.