Answers to Atheists


Can you imagine a more biased statement than to believe only those that subscribe to your particular worldview are capable of conducting science? However, this is the view most Naturalists hold today. Naturalism does not accept any dissent outside their narrowly defined worldview. And that worldview has no room for any sort of deity. They reason with absolute certainty that any Theist must have a skewed bias and therefore cannot do any reliable science. They also believe that Atheists do not have such bias. This position is so clearly false and laughable that it could be a parody in a comedy routine on Saturday Night Live.

Contrary to this position scientists as a majority are not atheists at all. In fact, according to a 2009 Pew poll, 59% of scientists believe there is a God or higher power. This is logical because there is not supposed to be anything fundamental in science that would require a good scientist to turn away all religion. Science is not supposed to be an alternative to religion, because it is not supposed to be a religion at all. But when such claims are made that only Atheists can conduct non-biased science are made they are using beliefs similar to a religion to establish such ridiculous claims.-1