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Fossil evidence has revealed rapid formation. Research has determined that fossilization can occur rapidly under the right conditions. Many marine and land animals have been found fossilized while in the act of eating, giving birth, fighting, tending eggs, and more. Such acts are momentary actions. Therefore, to be caught in this position would require a sudden covering by massive sediments. Such evidence is consistent with the global flood account of the bible.

On average every continent on earth has approximately 1.5 miles of sedimentary layers covering their surface filled with billions of dead things preserved today as fossils. How were this massive layers laid down? Slowly or rapidly?

On every continent many of these sedimentary layers can be traced all the way across continents, and even between continents across oceans. When geologists look closely at these rocks, they find evidence that the sediments were deposited rapidly.(1)

Consider the sedimentary rock layers exposed in the walls of the Grand Canyon, these layers are not unique to that region of the USA. For more than 50 years geologists have recognized that these strata belong to six megasequences (1). Which are very thick, distinctive sequences and patterns of sedimentary rock layers which appear to be layered by sorted by rising and receding flood waters.

The lowermost sedimentary layers in Grand Canyon are the Tapeats Sandstone. It covers much of the USA (see image to the right). We can hardly imagine what forces were necessary to deposit such a vast, continent- wide series of deposits. (1)

If the Grand Canyon was formed rapidly due to a massive global flood or massive water dam breaking and causing run off we would expect to find material for this event downstream in New Mexico. This is exactly what we find.

Sand stone run off in New Mexico
Sandstone arches in New Mexico
“The Wave” sandstone formation in northern Arizona clearly etched by water
Image by Greg Bulla