Biblical Historical Philosophical Six Day Creation


Human history as documented by written archaeological records dating back to early Neolithic writings about 4500 B.C. Human history before these documented events are based on conjecture and assumptions. The older they claim to be the more conjecture and assumptions that are applied. Regardless, written human history matches biblical time lines while being far too young for human evolutionary ones.

Human history is documented by archaeological records dating back to early Neolithic writings (about 4500 B.C.) Mesopotamian writings are dated to about 3600 B.C. Some artifacts and civilizations are grossly exaggerated as older (such as Egyptian Kings greatly exaggerate the years of their reign) and some are presented as even older but only under evolutionary conjecture and not evidence. Think about it. If the earth is billions of years old, why do we find all history of humans only to be thousands of years old? Clearly, human history is very young… 

Any dates earlier than these known recorded dates are conjecture

Combined Timeline