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Anthropic Principle argues that that delicate balances of the universe from atoms to stars rely on very specific formulation of immense precision. If even one of these are out of balance (even by a tiny fraction) life and the universe as we know it would not be here or would cease to exist. The challenge to evolution is mathematically for all these carefully balanced requirements to be so precise by random spontaneous chance is fantastically absurd.

Anthropic Principle has been noted by such venerated observers such as Augustine, Maimonides, Aquinas, Newton, Paley, and others. This idea was dubbed “the Anthropic Principle” by Paul Dirac in 1937.”

Simply stated, the Anthropic Principle is the appearance that the universe was specially designed for life.

Mathematical models reveal that our universe and life on earth are here only because of hundreds if not thousands of immensely delicate ratios that, if altered even the slightest, would render life impossible. Some ratios are as delicate as 1055.1  

Some anthropic principles include: Ratio of electron to proton mass, Expansion rate of the universe, Entropy level of the universe, Mass of the universe, Uniformity of the universe, Stability of the proton, Velocity of light, Nuclear energy levels, Distance between stars, Rate of luminosity increase for stars, Surface gravity, Thickness of earth’s crust, Rotation period of earth, Lunar gravitational interaction, Magnetic field, Axial tilt, Albedo (reflectivity), Oxygen to nitrogen ratio, Carbon dioxide and water vapor levels, Ozone level, Atmospheric electric discharge rate, Seismic activity, Earth distance (‘Goldilocks Zone’), and many others ultra-finely tuned relationships that are each required for life on earth.1

1 Derived from teachings by Chuck Missler “Bible in 24 hours”.