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Carbon-14 used as a constant (assuming it does not change) in the formula used to calculate the age of fossils and other items of antiquity. The earth has a known decaying magnetic field which results in more solar radiation and a marked increase in Carbon-14 production in the present. Therefore the levels of Carbon-14 of the past and present are not constants. Therefore, samples (of the distant past) contained less Carbon-14 to begin with and therefore render false older ages. This makes the dating method of Carbon-14 inaccurate and unreliable.

Carbon-14 is not a constant in the atmosphere (as required by the mathematical formulas used in dating samples) due to the well known fact that the earth’s magnetic field is decaying or weakening.  The magnetic field protects life from harmful radiation of the sun. The weaker the protection of the magnetic field gets—the more Carbon-14 that is created in the atmosphere. The stronger the field around the earth, the fewer number of cosmic rays are able to reach the atmosphere. Therefore, in the past we can presume there was much less carbon-14 in the atmosphere which would give fossils a false older dates calculation.