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Cave drawings by North American Indians and others depict dinosaur-like creatures known to these people groups. Such drawings predate the field of paleontology by hundreds of years. Such clear depictions of dinosaurs are a monkey wrench for evolution because mankind and dinosaurs are supposed to be divided by more than 65 million years, yet here they are as cave paintings…

Dinosaur cave drawings are found in places such as the Grand Canyon, in ravines, various caves, and in other areas. In Natural Bridges State Park, there are petroglyphs depicting dinosaur-like animals by the Anazi Indians dated between 400-1500 A.D. Indian pictograph found in the Havasupai Canyon in the Grand Canyon shows men hunting dinosaur-like animals. Grand Canyon Indian cave drawings were found which closely resembled a duck-billed dinosaur. Cave and cliff drawings in Utah and Colorado depict dinosaur species dating from 400 A.D to 1300 A.D.