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Another front-page story that was published with much fanfare was Java Man. The evidence was three fossils which later turned out to consist of two from a gibbon monkey (femur and tooth) and one from a human skull cap (which had been found 50 feet apart from the monkey fossils). This evidence was combined to manufacture the species Pithecanthropus as the “missing link” in human evolution. It was a great story that remained accepted for almost 30 years.

Initially discovered by Eugene Dubois in 1891. The evidence found was a human skullcap, three teeth, and a femur.

The femur was found 50 feet away from the original skullcap a full year later and there was no reason to believe they came from the same creature. Additionally, to continue the narrative of “Java Man”, for almost 30 years (the discoverer) Eugene Dubois downplayed to the public the Wadjak skulls (two undoubtedly human skulls that had also been found very close to his prized “missing link”).

“Pithecanthropus was not a man, but a gigantic genus allied to the (giant) gibbon (monkey).” Eugene Dubois.

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