Geological Global Flood Philosophical


When water pathways do not fit into the deep time of naturalism they are called discordant drainage systems however, they fit together with a global flood just fine.

Naturalistic worldview explains erosion over the 277 mile long Grand Canyon
as very slow gradual processes over billions of years by river waters.

Gorges, many cut through solid rock, divide mountain ranges all over the earth. Today, where rivers run, are waterways which evolutionary geologists call ‘discordant drainage systems’ because they do not fit the deep time model of millions of years as expected by naturalistic slow and gradual erosion patterns. However, the evidence of discordant water erosion fits erosion patterns caused by very rapid and catastrophic processes as with gorges smoothed and carved by sudden and massive water run offs.

Mount Saint Helen’s carved canyons in less than one year

Such processes were observed at Mount Saint Helen’s when valleys over a mile long were formed in less than a year. Today this gorge is called the “Little Grand Canyon” due to the Arial similarities of the two canyons.

Because the past erosion was not observed, either gradual or sudden processes are possible.
Your view likely depends on your worldview and not actual evidence.