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The teleological argument or sometimes called the design argument reasons that the existence of beauty in the physical world are fingerprints of a designer. This is a subjective argument but as evidence of deep space and even the deepest oceans reveal beauty beyond measure the question continues to emerge. How and why does such seeming beauty exist within a universe comprised of spontaneous, chaotic, meaningless, and purposeless chance? Common sense intuitively tells us that beauty comes from design and design from a designer.

Overwhelming design in both organic (biological) and non-organic (non-living) bodies can be used as proof of God’s existence within the “teleological argument”. The idea of this argument is only an intelligent Creator would put deliberate beauty and design into the physical world.1

We know that order does not occur from disorder as evidenced by thermodynamics which reveals that things go from order to disorder, hot to cold, etc. The order we find in the universe and especially on earth are not consistent with what known scientific principles and facts.

Cosmos literally means order in a harmonious system

Beauty in nature is an argument for the existence of God is also sometimes called the Design argument. The basic premise, of all such teleological arguments argue the existence of God based on exhibited intelligent purpose based on existing order, unity, coherency, design and complexity. Therefore, there must be an intelligent designer to account for the observed intelligent purpose and order that we can observe.2

A butterfly that mimics the eyes of an owl to avoid falling prey to birds, how did evolution come to this over many generations without purpose or direction?