Biological Evolutionary Puzzles Intelligent Design


The Discovery Institute summarized data related to new studies regarding the structure and function of the cellular energy enzyme called ATP synthase identifying amazing function operating at near 100% efficiency. This is a puzzle for the blind clumsy hand of evolution to explain– even intelligent human engineers cannot come close to such efficiency and nano-scale.

In cells, the free energy of ATP (hydrolysis 90 pN nm per ATP molecule), suggests that the motor can work at near 100% efficiency

“ATP synthase is a high-tech, micro-molecular power generator”. 

They noted that the ATP structure functioned similar to that of a rotary engine of an automobile.  

Saying, Its: “barrel-shaped rotator spins around transmitting mechanical energy into the drive shaft of the machine to create adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.”   

ATP provides all the energy for life

They note that this is a good thing seeing that ATP is an: “energy molecule that provides fuel that every one of your cells needs to function.”  

According to recent studies, the ATP synthase rotary engine achieves nearly 100% energy efficiency.  

Near 100% efficiency means there is very little energy loss even in extremely fast operation speeds of 6,000 to 42,000 rpm’s.  Such speeds are something human engineers can only dream about seeing even top modern sports cars red line at 10,000 rpm while achieving less than 50% energy efficiency.  Therefore, intelligently designed human made engines by engineers and humans smartest individuals fail to achieve less than half of efficiency “evolution” produced on its own with ATP.   

This is a good thing, since ATP works like a rechargeable battery like: “energy molecule that provides fuel that every one of your cells needs to function.”

“What is evident is that several billion years of evolution have resulted in a biological motor that are unsurpassed in efficiency, fine-tuning to their environment, and sustainability.”


Has ATP, the nano-sized, vastly complex, nearly 100% energy-efficient molecule, arose by time plus chance and unguided naturalistic processes? Preposterous! However, this is the claim that Darwinian evolution makes each time it is confronted with having to answer how such complex and irreducibly complex biological systems emerged.  Reason, logic, and mathematics all stand in opposition to such irrational conclusions and idiocy.