Biological Intelligent Design Origin of Life


Many phenomena occur by natural law-like processes such as molecular, chemical, and geological formations. However, information is a result of intelligent causes and therefore has not been shown to arise by natural spontaneous processes. The existence of information in DNA, RNA, and proteins are evidence of intelligence and design within specified and complex information found within biology.

…sequences or structures exhibiting such specified complexity or specified information are not found anywhere in the natural— that is nonhuman–world.”

Meyers, Stephen C. Ph. D. “Signature in the Cell” 2009 p.110

If the limits of naturalism are defined with the guard rails of matter and energy then how could the digitally encoded and specified information of DNA have ever arisen?

We have seen that DNA can be described as coding information. We have discussed abiogenesis, where evolution theorizes that chemicals within an ancient body of water, over eons of time, randomly and spontaneously permitted the emergence of the first living cell on earth. Somehow not only did this first emerge into to life from non-living chemicals, it also somehow contained the information necessary for function and reproduction. The presence of specified information within living organisms is a major hurdle for evolution.

Living organisms are distinguished by their specified complexity; mixtures of random polymers fail to qualify as they lack specificity.”

Orgel, Leslie; Origin of Life Biochemist; “The Origins of Life” p. 189

DNA is information.

Just like a piece of paper with a story printed on it, the information is not the sum of the paper and the ink (the media) but it is the message or what is gained upon its communication, the value is the information. This is also the way DNA functions, the double helix structure is the media (like a chip drive) which retains the information.

Diana Northup of the University of New Mexico said “Many theories of the origin of life have been proposed, but since it is hard to prove or disprove then, no fully accepted theory exists”.

“Greatest Mysteries: How Did Life Arise on Earth?”, Ker Than, Aug 2007, livescience,

Information has been called a physical entity similar to dimensions of time and space. (1) The presence of information within a universe completely formed through naturalistic processes as proposed by evolution creates a paradox.

It is a paradox because information, scientifically requires multiple disciplines in order to qualify as such. Vital components of information include (1) a sender; (2) a recipient; (3) a message; (4) and a purpose or volition. Lastly none of these things can happen without intelligence.

When confronted with this evidence (problems with chemical evolution), supporters of abiogenesis argue that science must be naturalistic, and we have no choice but to tell the best story we have, even if it is not a complete or even an accurate story.“

“Reason in the Balance; The Case Against Naturalism in Science”, Johnson, P., 1995 Law and Education, InterVarsity Press.

Many origin of life theories have surfaced to attempt to answer this puzzle of information. However, whether a protein first, RNA first, or amino acid first theory is provided, we find that each one fails to account for information. As theories fail, some have even suggested that perhaps aliens “seeded” life on earth. Any explanation is acceptable really…provided it remains fully naturalistic and does not include a supernatural cause such as The Creator God.

1) “In the beginning was Information” by D. Werner Gitt March 2006

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