Biological Evolutionary Puzzles


Despite the countless internet sites that claim the opposite, mutations are degradative and deleterious. While a handful of examples can be spun as “good”, these too are loaded with side effects and disease.

Errors do not generate function.

Furthermore, ERRORS on FUNCTION do not generate IMPROVED FUNCTION either. Such expectations not only violate known natural laws, they also are nonsensical. Ironically, in a nutshell, this is the expectation behind the claim of Universal Common Descent Evolution (UCD) that mutational copy errors are providing new and improved functions by accumulated errors.

Deformities emerge from mutations

Do errors ever help computer programmers?

Would any computer programmer expect to discover that a series of random coding errors (such as letters deleted, transposed, duplicated, or added) within coding might somehow cause progressive improvements to the function of the software? The answer is no way.  At best, a few errors might remain “silent” (sound familiar in genetics too?), as neither helping nor damaging the program due to the coding error. Any continued accumulation of such coding errors will prove catastrophic to function (also matching the data behind genetics).

Mutations are copy errors during replication (Somatic) or during reproduction (Germline)

Genetics operates as a FUNCTION (programming information) provided by heredity, where gene variants (gametes), sex cells from the parents are provided to the offspring at conception. This is undeniable. Mutations FUNCTION as a by-product made by ERRORS (mutations) UPON the preexisting sequences of genetic information. This is undeniable.

Heredity is FUNCTION. Mutations are ERRORS made UPON this FUNCTION.

Just as it would be preposterous for any computer programmer to expect continuous random errors inside the code to produce better and better functions, neither should the biologist expect to find that mutations improve living things.  And they do not!

Heredity (aka “natural selection”) provides ALL the vast variety and specialization within the same species of all life forms through genes provided directly by the FUNCTION of heredity and NOT by the accumulation of ERRORS (mutations) made UPON such FUNCTION! Genetic research confirms these conclusions despite the vast noise of the internet and all other media sources. 

Mutations are indeed ERRORS

Mutations directly cause countless diseases, cancers (likely all of them), congenital diseases, deformities, disabilities, and mass fetal death. It is absolutely crystal clear that mutations drive functional degradation—this too is undeniable. It is found regardless of what type of mutation we examine.  Body mutations (post-conception DNA replication errors called “somatic” mutations) or any mutation to the parent’s sex cell at conception (called “germline” mutations) are ALL degradative.  Outside a very vivid imagination on a handful of highly dubious supposed “good” mutations, essentially nothing emerges MORE FUNCTIONAL due to ERRORS.

“We have studied and analyzed the whole genome, and our analyses of mutations that are affecting cancer genes have enabled us to genetically explain 95 percent of the cancer occurrences we have studied by means of mutations.” — Joachim Weischenfeldt
Mutations cause cancer

Copy error genetic mutations are empirically known (through billions of dollars of genetic research) to directly be the cause for: both common and rare tumors, and cancers -1-4; countless congenital (and other) diseases and disorders-5;  disabilities (such as Autism)-6; deformities including birth defects (see primary image due to insertion mutation)-7; (Down Syndrome)-8; Cystic Fibrosis-9; and mass fetal death-10. 

A new genetic study shows even siblings with autism often have very different DNA mutations from one another— a finding that strengthens the evidence that autism is often just genetic bad luck.
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