Biological Intelligent Design Origin of Life


For information to exist it must have both an intelligent sender and an intelligent receiver. Therefore, information within DNA is evidence that a intelligence sent information or design in the form of syntax (code): A, C, G, and T. Representing the four nucleotides in the DNA code: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. Genetics has been determined to be written with coded information. Such information is evidence of an intelligent sender because information can only emerge via intelligence and never by mere naturalistic processes.

What is information

Information is a fundamental entity like energy or matter.  Information always has a causative factor and arises never by random chance but always by intentional act of an intelligent sender. 

There are five aspects related to the origin of information. 

(1) All information exists and requires a form of communication. DNA uses code and selection of symbols.  DNA uses a quaternary four letter code: A,C,G,& T.  As a comparison, computer programmers use a binary structure (two symbol: 0 & 1) code.

(2) Code exists only as a result of a deliberate action.

(3) All information requires a sender.  Without code there is no information.  Code can only be completed by pragmatically deciding to do so. 

(4) All information derives from intelligence.  There is no code written without intelligence. 

(5) All information is evidence of volition or will associated with its creation.   All code has an intended purpose.  

How can language be recognized? 

Language can be recognized in symbols.  Components of language include: Uniquely defined, irregular sequence, irregular symbol, not merely repeating sequences, some repeating of sequences, and has a clear and distinguishable structure.

Information cannot self emerge by chance as imagined by naturalistic processes of evolution.  Matter itself cannot give rise to information, material phenomena cannot give rise to information.  Therefore, information did not arise by natural laws (matter), purely physical processes, or purely materialistic phenomena, such concepts are an oxymoron

As observable in science, life only comes from life.  Life is only manufactured in the living cell via a  complex ‘recipe’ called a genome which resides within the DNA double helix.  The genome manufactures every protein (using amino acids as building blocks of proteins) to create all forms of living organisms including cells, flesh, bacteria, viruses, plants, trees, shell fish, coral, reptiles, birds, fish, mammals, and of course humans.  

DNA stores these vast reserves of information within a nano-sized double helix structure (with over 3.2 billion base pairs letters of information) tightly wound within nearly every cell of the human body (red blood cells don’t have DNA for some very good reasons).  Very carefully each genome copies itself while going to great lengths to avoid copy errors (or non-reproductive non-allele mutations) by constantly testing and correcting for accuracy.    In fact, 2/3 of all cancers are due to random spontaneous copying errors (mutations) such as these.1  

Lastly, a protein paradox emerges from this evidence, a classic  ‘chicken or the egg’ dilemma.  Seeing the DNA structure contains proteins, and proteins are only produced by DNA– which came first the protein or DNA?