Biological Intelligent Design Origin of Life


The cell needs proteins to process and express the information in DNA in order to build proteins. But the construction of DNA molecules also require proteins. So which came first?

What makes the proteins that are necessary to make a protein?”

Lewontin, Richard “The Dream of the Human Genome.” esp. 33

The interdependence of proteins and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) raises many obvious “chicken and egg” dilemmas that origin of life theorists before the 1960’s never anticipated nor addressed.”

Meyer, Stephen C. “Signature in the Cell” p. 134

Transcription and translation of living cells depend on many proteins which are produced by the very systems that require them! You read that right: The very proteins needed to complete transcription and translation are made by the very process which also requires their presence in the first place!

The modern cell’s translating machinery consists of at least fifty macromolecular components which are themselves coded in DNA: the code cannot be translated other than by products of (its own) translation.”

Monod, Jacques “Chance and Necessity” 1971 p. 143

…one of the unanswered riddles of biochemistry: which came first, proteins or protein synthesis? …proteins are needed to make proteins, how did the whole thing get started?”

Goodsell, David “The Machinery of Life” p.45

What makes the origin of life and the genetic code a disturbing riddle is this: the code cannot be translated except by using certain products of its (own) translation. This constitutes a really baffling circle…(when scientists make) any attempt to form a model, a theory of the genesis of the genetic code.”

Popper, Karl; British philosopher; “Scientific Reduction”