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Circular reasoning is applied when paleontologists date fossils by the rock layers, and geologists in turn date the rock layers by the fossils they contain.

Relative Dating (geologic dating method) is the method used to date rock layers based on the index fossils found in those layers. Also, this method is used to date fossils based on the rock layers they are found in. Sedimentary layers cannot be radio metrically dated so this “relative dating” is shockingly the primary method used to date fossils.

This is known fallacy of circular reasoning. Quoted geologists, anthropologists, and paleontologists have claimed this relative dating method as “the most accurate method” while other peers have commented that it is clearly circular reasoning.

Paleontologists date the fossils by the rock layers. Geologists date the rock layers by the fossils they contain.

A circular argument arises: Interpret the fossil record in the terms of a particular theory of evolution, inspect the interpretation, and note that it confirms the theory. Well, it would, wouldn’t it?”

Kemp, Tom, New Scientist, vol. 108, Dec. 5, 1985, p. 67.

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