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A fact never written in a biology textbook: All 20 amino acids used by all living things are synthesized only by living things. That’s right, living organisms manufacture the amino acids needed for protein synthesis in their own cells or they gain the amino acids they do not manufacture by eating other living animals or plants which have the essential amino acid they need. This creates a chicken or the egg dilemma for all life on earth.

Stanley Miller doing his famous amino acid experiment
Life uses only left handed amino acids

Amino Acids used by living things do not form anywhere in the known universe except within other living things.

You will never find this defined this way in any textbook or on any internet site professing evolution but this is a fact:

ALL 20 amino acids used by ALL living things are ALL made by living organisms. 

Not a single amino acid discovered by experiments or on meteors are used in life. While amino acid chemical structures have been detected on meteors they are light years from being anything remotely used by life because just as with those made by the Miller Urey experiment they are all the wrong chirality (right handed). Also, all 20 amino acids used in life are made by life. 

The 20 amino acids used by life to form protein chains
All 20 amino acids used by living things are only synthesized (made)
by living things
Life does not use ANY amino acids found in nature

Summary Regarding Meteor amino acids:

Meteorites form under extreme temperatures as entering the earth’s atmosphere or while cooling in the oceans of earth which make contamination by chemicals on earth unavoidable.

Therefore, one cannot be certain as to what elements (in the formation of amino acids found on the meteor) in fact came from earth or from outer space.

Of course there are manmade amino acid structures made by chemists (such as amino acid supplements at the vitamin store).

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