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Textbooks, professors, high school science teachers, educational television programs, and websites on the internet continue to knowingly perpetuate fraudulent so called “evolution evidence” that has been debunked as misleading or as outright fakes. However, such frauds are repeated because such material helps “reveal” the “truths” of evolution.

Students continue to be deceived by fraudulent science textbooks filled with artistic impressions and ideals that have long been proven as false or debunked. Even new textbooks purchased by schools in the last few years continue to be filled with these various frauds because they believe they help to promote evolution despite the fact that they are known scientific frauds.

Most professors and teachers know that the material is fraudulent, but they still use the information to help “reveal” the tenants (“truths”) of evolution.  

Such frauds, fakes, and lies or “icons of evolution” topics are still repeated in modern biology textbooks including: Miller Urey Experiment, Darwin’s Tree of Life, Homology of Vertebrate Limbs, Haeckel’s Embryos, Archaeopteryx, Peppered Moths, Darwin’s Finches,  Four winged fruit flies, Fossil Horses, and the ultimate icon: ‘Monkey to Man’ parade. Some textbooks will record the fact that these have been debunked or outright frauds but the authors continue to reprint the information in their textbooks because these “icons” do such a good job of “teaching” evolutionary dogma despite the fact that they are ironically known scientific frauds.

The monkey to man icon “is raw propaganda— brilliant propaganda but raw nonetheless” (which) “lacks scientific objectivity.”…”The popular fresco showing a single file of marching hominids…appears to be a fiction.”

Hublin, J.J., An evolutionary odyssey, Nature 403:363–364, 27 January

Misleading, deceptive things are still found in High School and University Textbooks that were exposed as fraud over 90 years ago!  Evolutionists turn a quite blind eye, because this fraudulent data is the best they have!