Answers to Atheists Origin of Life


Evolution is the only “science” that must violate many known laws of science to be true.

  1. Oxygen Paradox. (No oxygen in the the atmosphere to form amino acids also means no ozone layer to enable life).
  2. Water Paradox. (Water oxidizes cellular and amino acid formation but a needed media for life to form).
  3. Cellular Paradox. (The cell requires a unique barrier membrane and fluid cytoplasm, only found in and manufactured in the living cell).
  4. Informational Paradox. (Information by definition cannot arise by naturalistic processes, without purpose, cause, or intelligence).
  5. Protein Paradox. Only life manufactures protein.
  6. Entropy. While all science observes the opposite of evolution called entropy (ordered systems fall to disorder) or systems get worse over time but evolution especially in Cosmology and biology must violate these known scientific processes.
  7. Amino Acid Chirality. Amino acid structures found in nature (such as alleged meteors) and the laboratory (Miller Urey Experiment) are the wrong chirality– direction like a right vs. left handed glove. All amino acids used in life are only made by living organisms and are left handed and all the others are right handed– not used by any living organism.
  8. Reproduction requiring male and female is not the simplest path for evolution.
  9. ATP Paradox. is the energy of all cellular activity, manufactured by the cell.
  10. Mitochondrial “Eve” indicates an original woman to pass this to all human offspring.
  11. Irreducible Complexity eliminates sequential processes because all components of a system must be functioning from the beginning for the organism to survive.
  12. Mathematical Odds are absurd when considering the likelihood for life emerging spontaneously.

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